What’s Happening at Evergreen

New Logo for Evergreen Environmental Technologies

Evergreen Environmental Technologies Logo

In 2017 Evergreen Environmental Technologies Corporation looked into upgrading its logo. After much thought and work the above logo was chosen. Evergreen Environmental Technologies Corporation believes in environmentally processing and handling trash and recycle items. The light bulbs represents new technology. The Evergreen tree represents preserving the environment. The blue waves represents clean ground water. In the future all site signage will be upgraded to show this new logo.

Zero Waste Pilot Project

Evergreen Environmental Technologies Corporation has always supported new and technical ways of handling trash and recycle products. Evergreen Environmental Technologies Corporation is very proud that they are being supported by all available Provincial Government Steward Programs. Partnering with Steward Programs not only helps pay for recycling at Evergreen Environmental Technologies, it educates the staff of safe and environmental handling of such products at Tires, Chemical Containers, Electronic and Household Hazardous Waste. One of these Projects is the Zero Waste System Pilot Project.

The Pilot Project is explained in the below Southwest Regional development Corporation Winter 2018 Newsletter:

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Mattress Recycling Program

Evergreen has partnered with Mother Earth Recycling to manage our mattress recycling program. Mother Earth Recycling is a Winnipeg-based Aboriginal Social Enterprise. Their mission is to provide meaningful training and employment opportunities to the Aboriginal community through environmentally sustainable initiatives.


Step One: Quality of Mattress

Is your mattress/boxspring “clean” and dry? If so … move to step two. We need to keep our facility free of insects (bedbugs) and cannot recycle wet mattresses (don’t leave them outside, they can grow mold faster than they can dry) but we do know that all mattresses discolor and get dirty over time, that’s fine. If your mattress is bug infested or wet Evergreen will have to landfill the mattress.

Step Two: Drop off

You can drop off your mattress and box spring at Evergreen Environmental Technologies

Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Saturday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Step Three: Mother Earth Recycling will recycle your mattress

Mother Earth Recycling will separate your units into fabric, foam, metal and wood. All of which can be recycled! This is a labour intensive process and they use this opportunity to train staff who face barriers to employment and help them get back into the workforce. All the materials make their way into secondary markets (foam into carpet underlay, metal into cans, wood into crafts or fire wood, and so on). At the end of the day, the only left overs are a few pieces of plastic corners off box springs and occasional zipper! If you have any questions please give Evergreen Environmental Technologies a call at 204-867- 7161.