When I arrive at Evergreen Environmental Technologies what can I expect?

When you first arrive at Evergreen Environmental Technologies you will drive onto and stop on a large vehicle scale. Please obey traffic signals and signs. The scale attendant will, weigh you and ask your last name and which town or municipality the debris originated from. When this is complete the scale attendant will direct you where to drop off your debris. When you have finished dropping off your debris you will go back to the same scale as you entered on, stop to be weighed out. The scale attendant will advise you when you may leave the scale. If you are dropping off any construction/renovation material, you will be asked more location information. Some towns and municipalities have by-law concerning these items. Please check with you local municipality for further information. Remember these are by-laws for towns and municipalise and Evergreen Environmental Technologies only passes on information. If you have any comments in regards to by-laws please contact your local offices.

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