What trash is not accepted?

Unacceptable trash would be:

  • Liquid waste
  • Liquid industrial waste
  • Dead livestock
  • Automobiles/vehicles
  • Hazardous and untreated infectious medical wastes
  • Unbagged asbestos
  • Treated Seed
  • Hot loads

This is not a complete list please call Evergreen Environmental Technologies for more information.

Special Waste would be:

  • Asbestos containing materials – must be double bagged in yellow industrial bag sealed by tuck tape. No Saturday drop off. 24 hr arrival notice would be appreciated to properly accept Asbestos on site. See Asbestos page for detail proper handling. Read More
  • Industrial Waste – Call ahead to make arrangements. No Saturday drop off.
  • Powdery Waste – Call ahead to make arrangements. No Saturday drop off.
  • Large quantity recycle loads – Call ahead to make arrangements. No Saturday drop off.
  • Ashes/burning barrels – Drivers must assure ashes are cold before arriving at Evergreen Environmental Technologies.
  • Household Hazardous Waste – Such as flammable liquids (Kerosene, Varsol, ect.) Toxics such as (furniture stripper, Tar and Bug remover ect.) Corrosives such as ( rust remover, pool/hot tub cleaner, ect.) For a complete list see Product Care or Evergreen Environmental Technologies.

Soil Farm
Soil contaminated with “low carbon“ hydrocarbon. Please call for further information regarding delivery and an analytical report is required.


In recent months Evergreen Environmental Technologies Corporation has experienced improper disposal of Asbestos. This is a very dangerous practice for all involved, for the homeowner doing home renovations, for the municipal garbage collector, for the workers at Evergreen Environmental Technologies Corporation.

This is a very serious problem. Airborne Asbestos has been link to being a cancer causing agent.

DO NOT place home renovation material containing asbestos in your curbside trash!

Please read the following articles regarding the identifying and handling of such material:


If you require further information please contact your local municipal office.

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